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Furniture restoration ≡  Modern furniture ≡  Antique furniture ≡  Car-, motorcycle- and bus interior ≡  Leather furniture ≡  Fabric furniture ≡  Hotel furniture ≡  Social institutions furniture ≡  Door upholstery ≡  Armchairs ≡  Sofa beds ≡  István Lenner, Upholsterer ≡  Contact Details

Our activities


  • Car, boat and motorcycle seats
    • Manufacture and repair of leather seats, according
      to requirements
    • Leather furniture
    • Upholstery repair
    • Re-covering leather steering wheels
    • Car and truck seat foam replacement and repair
    • Machine seat upholstery, repair
    • Boat seat upholstery repair, replacement of foam
      pads andwood base
    • Motorcycle seat re-covering, upholstery
    • Motorcycle seat foam replacement, seat conversion
    • We professionally reupholster fabric sofas to
      genuine leather sofas.
    • Centres for medical treatment, hospitals, institutions
  • Furniture
    • Upholstery, repair, renewal and restoration of
      antique-, modern-, and styl furniture
    • Upholstery and repair of armchairs and chairs
    • Repair, partial repair of leather furniture
    • Upholstery and repair of still furniture
    • Upholstery and repair of rustic furniture
    • Traditional furniture repair and reconditioning
    • Door upholstery work.
    • SFurniture repair for hotels, bed and breakfast
      establishments and public institutions.
    • Surgical chairs
    • Swaddle tables
  • Woven fabrics
    • There is a very large fabric, leather and genuine leatherselection